Engrave Your 'Story' onto our Satellites for Free!

Being a Singaporean space startup, NuSpace wishes to extend the opportunity to engrave your very own 'story' to every resident of Singapore from all walks of life for free

Running from the 1st of September 2022 to 31st October 2022 only!



It is a common activity for team members to engrave their names and mottos onto the spacecraft they have designed. NuSpace recognizes that more than just the team has played a part in building the satellite - It would not be possible without the support from Singapore. NuSpace dedicates a shared space for all Singapore residents to engrave their messages!

Engraving a 'story'  is absolutely free of charge. Selected entries will not be asked to pay for anything regarding this event.

Due to the limited dimensions of the plate, only 30 'stories' will be selected at the end of the event and subsequently engraved onto the satellite.

Those selected will be invited to come down and view the satellite - and even pose with it (in proper cleanroom attire, of course)!

Countdown to Closing Date (31st October 2022)









Did not get the chance to engrave your 'story'? Don't worry!

With up to 70 satellites and more planned in NuSpace's flagship constellation, the opportunities for engraving a satellite in the future is very possible!

NuSpace plans to extend this opportunity further and wider, so look out for the next event! If your comment did not get selected but you indicated interest for a subsequent engraving event, you will receive an email closer to the date!

Keep an eye on NuSpace's LinkedIn page, as well as this website for future updates.

About NuLIoN

NuSpace offers the ability for remote sensor data collection without the need for any ground-based infrastructure.

It's sensor-to-satellite, cost-effective Internet-of-Things (IoT) at scale!

Leveraging on the established LoRaWan Protocol, NuSpace bridges the gap for underserved regions by providing low-power, low-data rate communication services to enable large-scale deployments of remote sensors.


Purpose of the Satellite

NuLIoN is Nuspace's first commercial satellite aimed at bridging the connectivity gap. NuSpace provides reliable regional coverage and data collection services to allow for anyone in Southeast Asia to use the satellite to monitor and observe data points that really matter to them. Additionally, it also serves as a payload testing bed in space, with different companies partnering with NuSpace to test their devices!

The Sensors

  • Deploy and Forget

  • Low Cost, Long Battery Life​, Small and Compact

  • Direct Sensor-to-Satellite Communication

Need NuSpace to design one for you? No problem! Simply drop us a message today!

Drop an email!

Got a use-case for our satellite? Interested to partner? Contact us today!

The Timeline

  • 1st September 2022Stories-For-Space Event begins!

    Stand a chance to have your 'story' engraved onto a satellite and launched into space by submitting your message now!
  • October 2022Satellite Assembly Begins

    Keep an eye out on our LinkedIn page and website for pictures and progress reports!
  • 1st November 2022Collection of 'Stories' Ends

    NuSpace will now select the 'stories' to be engraved on the plate! Those selected will received an email notification.
  • December 2022Invitation to see NuLIoN in Person!

    Those selected will be invited down on separate days to have the chance to see the engraved plate on the completed satellite!
  • 1H 2023Launch to Space!

    Excited to see the plate in space? So are we! Keep an eye out for future announcements on when the actual launch of the satellite is! Everyone who submitted the comment will receive an email notifying them of the launch date!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1What should I write?
Anything at all - barring comments that fall under the following categories. 1. Profanities of any type and of any language 2. Non-words (e.g words that don't exist - unhabitable, skawefa) 3. Advocating for violence 4. Racism Otherwise, anything under the sun goes. What do you want to see enshrined in space? Any wishes or dreams?
2Can I submit a 'story' that's not in English?
Sure! Please provide the English translation as well to ensure we fully understanding the meaning.
3Can I retract the 'story' I submitted?
Drop an email to with the name and email used to submit the comment, and your comment will be removed!
4How many 'stories' can be selected?
As of 29th August 2022, the current number of comments to be selected will be set at 30. NuSpace shall select more if more engraving space has been found.
5What information do you collect from me?
As the nature of the event is targeted at Singaporeans, the winners will eventually have to show a proof of residence (e.g bills, documents that prove you stay in Singapore) On top of that, the form will collect your name and email for future contact and arrangements. See our 'Privacy Policy' for more information
6How do I remove the information you collect from me?
Simply drop an email with the name and email used to submit the comment to, where we will remove your personal data from our database. Note: requesting for a removal prior to the selection of comments will result in your comment not being selected.
7Is this is a real event? Can we really engrave 'stories' for free onto the satellite?
Yes it's real, and yes you can! NuSpace plans to hold more of these events for our future satellites wherever space is available.
8Why did my submission not get selected?
Due to the physical limitations of the satellite, NuSpace is unable to provide more space for additional 'stories' on the satellite. The selection process is random. Please do try again for NuSpace's upcoming satellites in the future!

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